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Ammonia Refrigeration





Ammonia Service

At Rolls Mechanical we strive to provide a vast amount of solutions for every aspect of your ammonia system.  Our technicians can provide professional work, in a timely fashion, and are certified operators of all system types. We have 24/7 emergency response for your around the clock repairs. We carry most common refrigeration parts on hand to make repairs as efficient as possible; these parts include manufacturers like R/S, Hansen, Danfoss, Vilter, Frick, Mycom, and many more. Whatever the needs, we will strive to meet your expectations and more.

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Ammonia Design

While most customers already have an existing system, there are some who look to expand, make large changes to better fit their needs or even new construction. Rolls Mechanical will work with you to find the best solutions and most efficient way to fit whatever the needs may be. We have partnered up with some of the biggest names in the industry to bring you the latest and greatest technology. We offer solutions for every application of ammonia in the industry- be it agricultural, warehousing, testing facilities, food industry, or even your hometown ice rinks.
Be confident in your choice- choose Rolls Mechanical to hand the keys over on your new project.


Ammonia Maintenance

No two systems are the same and, here at Rolls Mechanical, we understand this and are willing to build a preventative maintenance program tailored to your facility’s needs. Whether it be just a simple check up, a full leak check, a routine program for oil testing or a vibration checks on your most valuable pieces of equipment, we will set up whatever type of program you can dream of, ensuring that we bring your repairs and downtime to a minimum.

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